Growing Your Quilt Shop With Classes For Young People


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Growing Your Quilt Shop With Classes For Young People

Classes have a large impact on the growth of your shop and attracting younger quilters helps even more. Getting younger people interested in taking a class at your shop may involve having sewing classes that are not quilting classes. For example, Brother Sewing Machines has been involved in a program to get more young girls interested in sewing and quilting with something they called Project Runway. It encourages girls to buy clothing off the shelf, and to modify it for their own style. You could have any class that you think will bring in younger people that is sewing related.  Once they are in your shop, you can gradually move their interest into quilting classes. Test your class ideas at local schools and community centers to drum up interest and support.


Timing Of Classes Is Important

Have classes in the evening when younger people are not at work or school.


Get Your Classes ADVERTISED

Get your classes visible and advertised. For those of you who are members of QuiltingHub, put your events on the local events calendars. 


In Summary

Anytime you have classes, you will bring in new business.  Try to have classes that generates new quilters with enticing sewing classes outside of quilting.  Offer the classes when younger people can take the class.  Advertise the classes to the younger people.

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