Top 5: Get Repeat Customers Into Your Quilt Shop


A recent survey of quilter has some shocking answers as to why they become repeat customers to your quilt shop. We share some valuable tips to make your shop flourish.

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Top 5: Get Repeat Customers Into Your Quilt Shop

Recent Survey

The Quilt Shops Worldwide Facebook page has the purpose of growing quilt shops.  They completed a survey in April 2016 asking quilters what makes them want to come back to a quilt shop as a repeat customer.  Here are some of the comments: (The Top 20 had the highest likes)

Staff is most important. If I don't feel welcomed into a place of business, I would not be back, no matter the products they carry.

Travis B

Friendly staff and user friendly store! And knowledge is definitely a plus, but treating all customers the same is key. I've been in shops where I'm not a local and have been treated as an outsider. Not cool.

Tammy M

Warm staff, good lighting, variety of fabric, new lines - but not just Moda. Turn over on fabric - move the really dated stuff out the door with a sale meant to move it. I don't want to see the Christmas fabric from 10 years ago nor the water color floral from 15 years ago either.

Mary W

Quilt shops are always the best if the staff love their job and it shows. Quilters are always happy.

Doris B

To me if there is not a friendly staff it really doesn't matter what else is there

Susan R

It needs to affect all 5 senses. Smell good, have treats out (just a little something)! Friendly staff that wants you there and welcomes you...lots to see and touch! That's where I spend my money and I go back often

Karen B

The feeling that you're welcome and family as soon as you walk through the doors!!!

Jennie R

Staff first, knowledge and fabric etc. etc.etc.

Deborah M

Staff, then fabric, then classes. I have a couple of stores I seldom visit because of the staff.

Ardith E

A happy staff, and bright colored fabrics

Barbara J

A friendly staff who treat all people the same regardless of how much they spend

Sandra A


Patti A

Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff along with great fabric and a variety of classes and events!

Michelle M

Friendly and helpful staff, up to date fabric, sales to unload slow movers and kits

Linda M

Staff then fabric then knowledge

Lois B


Susie L

Definitely staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. Fabric displayed in a theme oriented way-- this helps new quilters. Love seeing displayed projects from beginner to advanced. Making customers feel welcome is important

Earlene B

The friendly greetings and helpful staff is the best feeling that can always warm a person into buying fabric and keep them coming back. The new patterns and line of fabrics always help. I like to be inspired buy what's quilts are hanging on the walls. A musty smell will turn me away.

Jamie H

friendly and helpful staff

Kathy N

Fabric, notions, classes, but most of all the personnel!

Suzy B


Discussion OF FINDINGS

It can not be more obvious that the staff and friendliness are the overwhelming reason people come back, but let's look at all of them in order of relevance:

    Warm, friendly, helpful, and happy staff that makes you feel like family regardless of your background or how much you spend. Fabric, ideas, and projects laid out in a helpful, colorful, and inviting way. This may include some theme or project oriented ways. Clean, good lighting, and a great smell. (Febreze is your friend). Perhaps some light small snacks. Fabric should be new, so have sales to move the older slow moving fabric. Have a variety of inspiring classes for a variety of ages at a variety of times.


Actions You Can Take Now

It can not be more obvious that the staff and friendliness are the overwhelming reason people come back, but let's look at all of them in order of relevance:

    Hire & train warm friendly staff. Make sure they treat everyone the same and like family. Arrange your fabric in a theme or project oriented ways. Clean the shop, make it smell nice, and put out snacks. Put older fabric on sales, and order new. Find ideas from your customers for classes they would like to see you have and when they would like them. BONUS TIP: Keeping customers is important, but adding new ones is equally important. The best way to do that is to get a member listing on QuiltingHub and take full advantage of all the benefits.


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