How To Increase Quilt Shop Profits


Trying to increase and even make a profit as a quilt shop can be hard. This short article gives you some tips you can use right now.

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How To Increase Quilt Shop Profits

Your Situation

It is hard to get new customers. Advertising costs are high. Print media is becoming less useful, and too many online choices to choose from. So where do I spend my money to get new customers walking into my quilt shop?

How To Increase Quilt Shop Profits


Keep Customers Coming Back

Let's face it, your website and Facebook pages are primarily for keeping customers coming back. Post your events on your website. Use Facebook for events, and photos of new items and customer projects. Neither your Facebook page or your website will get you many new customers because quilters have to know you exist to use them. By the way, you can use a newsletter like your would on Facebook.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back


Get Quilters Who Use Print Media

You have to attract customers that do not use computers and smart phones. While this group of quilters is shrinking rapidly, we feel the CountryRegister.com is a good investment to attract them.

The old, outdated, and incomplete guild shop guide books no longer pay off.

Country Register


Get Quilters Who Use The Internet

We have now entered an age where more quilters use the internet and smart phones to find shops than paper methods. These quilters are highly visual. They use photos of the inside of your shop, your likes/ratings, and your events to decide to visit your shop. They love sales, and will stop in any shop with a sale or a shop hop. When staying in an area, they love to attend classes.

All Devices


QuiltingHub does have a free listing, and many of you that have not upgraded may be using it, but it only shows the shop name, address, and point on the map. No events, logo, photos, hours, description, ratings, products, services, brands, or anything else a quilter would use to select your shop over any others on their trip.

Quilt Shops On Phone


Online advertising is expensive. Most of your options run between $100 and $200 a month. QuiltingHub allows you to leverage its power to get you business. The QuiltingHub Network sites get just under 2 million pages views a month to find quilting resources worldwide -- including your shop! QuiltingHub allows you to show off your shop and get those quilters for only 27 cents a day (or $8/month), and put your best foot forward. Attract quilters to your shop with images, sales, and great ratings! Nothing else gives you this reach for such a high ROI (Return On Investment). Upgrade to an active member today.

Best ROI


Get Your Membership Benefits Today!

To learn more watch the amazing tour video or read the benefits. When you are ready to proceed, claim your shop with the orange claim button on your shop listing, then click the red "Activate Page" button at the top of your listing. Be sure to follow the page completion guide and read "How to Maximize Your Results" found in the "Admin Commands" menu on your page. For help, contact us.


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Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).



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