How to Start a Quilting Bee


So you and your friends are thinking of starting a quilting bee? I discuss the key points to consider on how to start a quilting bee.

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How to Start a Quilting Bee

Have you ever wanted to take part in a quilting bee but not had the opportunity to join one? Consider what you are looking for in a bee - is it fellowship, learning new skills, trying designs and colors that will push you out of your comfort zone? Or do you want to use your skills to help others in your community by making quilts for charities? Well it’s time to start your own bee and the suggestions below should help you get started.

How to Start a Quilting Bee


Whom to Invite?

Do you already have a group of quilting friends that you sit with during quilt guild, go to retreats with, or see often in classes? These ladies and gentlemen may be the perfect group to get together. It is fun to have people of different skill levels and ages that will create an interesting environment and will be able to share lots of different views and ideas. If you don’t already have a group of people in mind, consider taking a class on a new technique and asking some of your classmates if they would like to join you in working on the project after the class is over. This will give you all encouragement to complete the project and it will give you the opportunity to see if the group works well together. Also you will already know that they share a common interest and are available to attend a group at the same time you are available since you were in class together.



How often? How Long?

Consider how active your new quilting friends are before you decide how often to meet. Are these folks already active in multiple guilds or other bees? Do they have jobs outside of the home, or small children, or are most retired and looking for opportunities to socialize? This will help you decide if your bee should meet weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. You will also want to decide how long you will meet. If you would like to meet in the daytime, will you want to include a mealtime, or would you prefer to go out to eat or head home? You will also need to consider what your location will allow and how much time you will need for the type of projects you will undertake.




Decide on a location that would be convenient for your quilting friends to meet. Popular choices for meeting places are your home, a local library with a meeting room, or a church or recreation center. You will just want to make sure that there is good lighting, sufficient seating, and enough power sources if you will be bringing your sewing machines. Don’t forget to also consider the cost and availability of the facility.

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