Ideas To Use Your Empty Quilt Shop Classroom


Have times where your classroom is empty at your quilt shop? Here are a few tips to make use of it and profit at the same time!

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Ideas To Use Your Empty Quilt Shop Classroom

Do you have times when your classroom is regularly empty – those unpopular times for holding classes? Have you considered offering this valuable space to your local quilt guild to use for bees or community service projects?

Ideas To Use Your Empty Quilt Shop Classroom


These options can bring potential customers to your store who will see your latest and greatest merchandise and may encourage them to make more purchases from you. Also, depending on where your shop is located, you may be able to take a tax deduction for offering your space free of charge to bees working on community service projects. It is much better to have a classroom that is used and is bringing people in to stitch and see your wares than having an empty classroom that is costing you to heat or cool and is not bringing in potential shoppers.


Quilt Guild

See if any of your local guilds are in need of a meeting place. It will bring in more people into the shop.


Quilting or Sewing Bee

Consider creating or inviting an existing quilting or sewing bee into the shop.


Sew In

Set aside a time where anyone can come in, bring their current projects, so you can answer any questions they may have.


Local Sewing Teachers And Students

Invite some of the sewing teachers from the local schools to set aside a time where their students (or the community) can come in to meet the teacher, have a sew in, or have basic sewing classes.


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