Top Four Tips On Shopping At Quilt Shops


Do You Ever Get Overwhelmed at a Quilt Show or Large Quilt Shop?

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Top Four Tips On Shopping At Quilt Shops

Have you ever walked in to a large quilt shop or show and just felt overwhelmed and like you wanted to run away? Many quilters have this feeling because they have not been coached on how to prepare for that mega-shopping spree. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Top Four Tips On Shopping At Quilt Shops


  1. Go With a Plan - Are you looking for tools, fabric, or just inspiration for your next project?
  2. Take Your Patterns With You - Just have your name on them so that everyone knows they already belong to you. It is always nice to let the shop owner or vendor also know if you are bringing in something that you have already purchased to avoid confusion at the register.
  3. Take your Color Palette With You - If you already have an area or a recipient in mind for your next creation, take color swatches that will help you narrow down what you are looking for.
  4. Shop in the Order That Best Suits You - Do you get inspired by beautiful fabrics and then look for patterns that will showcase them the best? Or, do you prefer to look at the patterns and then choose your fabrics? Just keeping this simple thing in mind will help you go in the right direction in the store or at the quilt show. Find “your item” first and then you will be able to focus on what you need next. If you are a pattern first quilter, then you will know how many fabrics you need to choose. If you are a fabric first quilter, your main inspiration fabric will help you decide on the pattern and then you can concentrate on yardage amounts and how many coordinating fabrics you will need. If you are a “tool” person, you may just want to check out the latest and greatest tools, try them out or watch a demo and then find a pattern that utilizes your new tool.
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Most importantly, go in with a plan, even if that plan is to wander and just wait for inspiration to strike. If you have the opportunity to go to a show or shop on multiple days, do so! You can look for “your item” on day one, go back on day two with a plan to find the next item, etc. Just remember, the samples and quilts will be at the show the entire time, but they may sell out of patterns or that perfect fabric, so head for the shopping first!

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