Save Yourself Time on Social Media


Are you a quilt shop owner who wants to save yourself time on social media? Link, Schedule and Recycle Posts!

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Save Yourself Time on Social Media

Quilt shop owners have a million things to do every day! Meet with your staff, answer emails, order new fabric, meet with customers, plan events, and more. Adding an online presence to your shop is essential to survive in the industry, but do you have the time to do it? Use these quick tips to save yourself time and still have your shop in front of the public's eye on social media.

Save Yourself Time on Social Media


Tip #1 – Link it Up!


Use your time wisely and link your social media accounts! Depending on which account you start with, you can share your post to others with a simple click. No need to rewrite the exact post on another platform if you start in the right place.



Instagram will let you share your post to your Facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts. You might not work on all four, but here is a simple way to share to all of them! Having your information out in the internet world in more places gives your shop a better chance to be found.


In your Instagram settings, you can link your Facebook account to your Instagram and choose it when you post. Your post will be sent instantly to Instagram and Facebook at the same time. You still have the ability to edit your post once it shows on your Shop Page, in case you want to add in a product link.

Share To Facebook


Let's say you posted on Instagram and forgot to share it to your Facebook page. No worries! You can even do the share from Facebook. Right underneath your 'new post' option, you will now see "Share a recent photo from your Instagram page." Simply select the photo you would like, add a description, and share.

Share From Instagram


Tip #2 – Schedule!

Instagram is meant to be 'instant'. It has no scheduling abilities without buying into web subscription services. But Facebook is your social media best friend. Instead of trying to find time every day in your busy schedule, set aside one hour at the beginning of the week and schedule all your posts at once. You can schedule posts for any day and time, all at once instead of each day.

Schedule 01 Schedule 02


Have a class coming up in a week? Schedule a post a few days before it to try to fill the seats. Know you are getting in a new product on Friday? Create the Facebook post on Monday and schedule the post for Friday since you will be busy in the store opening the box.


Tip #3 – Recycle!

In social media you want to be seen by your followers every day. And the more the better. You don't need to inundate your followers that they grow sick of you, but find a way to be consistent in your posting. In doing so you might feel like you are running out of posts to share. Truly, you can create a post for every single product in your shop, but you have to find ways to make sure every single post is worth your audience's time to read it.


Create posts that you can recycle when you find yourself running out of ideas. Each post doesn't have to be the 'brand new' item that just came in the door. Especially if you have a week or two when you don't get in a shipment! Create posts about your basic collections that you can reuse from time to time. Think of your solid fabrics, blenders, and fabrics you reorder over and over. Have a tool or notion that is a staple and always in need? It can have a post that can be shared again and again. You can even create simple posts to remind people to visit your website or new followers to sign up for your newsletter. Having a set of ten recyclable posts will give you an option to add in when you are out of ideas.


To recycle a post copy the description you originally wrote for the post and paste it into a new post. Add in the original image and post! You can also share the post you originally created to your own page, but it will show up as a 'share' on your Facebook Shop page.

Copy Post


These tips will help you save time on social media so you can get back to doing what you need to be doing. Running your store and answer the next email!


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Smaller blocks, often colored fabric, which are used to join the pieces of sashing together.
Ellen Ault

Ellen Ault is a professional long arm quilter. Her quilts have been in national quilt shows and in numerous publications.  Ellen is a graphic artist and assists local quilt shops with social media.

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