Letter To Quilt Shop Owners From QuiltingHub


Running a quilt shop is hard. We all wish we had more time and money. Here is a personal letter to you from Paul at QuiltingHub to help guide you on your journey.

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Letter To Quilt Shop Owners From QuiltingHub

Dear Quilt Shop Owner,

Running a quilt shop even in the best of times is challenging. There is never enough time to do what you need to do, much less plan and get help from experts to achieve your goals. With not enough hours in the day, TIME is what you want most. You just wish you would grow, get help, and thus more time. To get the time you want, you have to grow. Would you agree?

Letter To Quilt Shop Owners From QuiltingHub


We have been helping shops since 1987 (between QuiltingHub and Quilters’ Travel Companion). We know you want time, and no one is more positioned with experience to help you get it faster.


Membership on the QuiltingHub Network gives you more time with these key benefits:

  • Priceless customized marketing education by phone
  • On-call resource for future marketing questions
  • Easy shop & events listings over the entire QuiltingHub Network
  • Phone support


Any of the above is worth $8/month and would help you with your goals. But if you join now, you get all of it for only $8/month.


Don’t wait to achieve your goals of business growth and more time; contact the experts today. Contact us and get started.


Many of you who carry QT Fabrics know your reps have been insisting you join QuiltingHub and touting the benefits. This is why they have been insisting you join. Don’t let all the other shops have all the fun; join now. You may have heard the same thing from other reps (Checkers & Hoffman) who come in your shop. There is a reason why they all tell you to join. When you make money, they make money. For heaven’s sake, plug in to something that works! Now!


If you want to do this yourself, visit your listing on the QuiltingHub Quilt Shop Directory, click claim, register, and then upgrade. Otherwise, contact us for full support and guidance.





Paul Johnson


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