Best Quilt Shop Advertising And You're Not Using It!


We discuss the most powerful quilt shop advertising available to quilt shops and why you are not using it to grow your business profits.

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Best Quilt Shop Advertising And You're Not Using It!

Imagine being able to advertise your quilt shop on most of the key quilting resource sites only by entering the shop details once. That is exactly what you get when you post your shop on QuiltingHub.com.

Best Quilt Shop Advertising And You're Not Using It!


QuiltingHub distributes to the QuiltingHub Network which is a combination of owned and partner sites including QuiltersTravelCompanion.com and QuiltersRecources.com. Advertise once and appear everywhere! Talk about a time saver. Wow!


How To Use It

The concept is simple. You post your upgraded shop listing on QuiltingHub($8/mo) and it appears everywhere and all of the searches.

  • If your shop does not exist, add it with the advertise button.
  • If your shop exists and you have not claimed it, register a user account and click the orange claim button on your listing.
  • If you have not upgraded, login to QuiltingHub, and click accept on the upgrade popup.


Common Shop Owner Mistake

The problem is many shop owners are not using it correctly. They may have a free listing on QuiltingHub thinking it appears on the Quilters’ Travel Companion (QTC) travel maps, but it does not. The free listing is only a shop name and address on QuiltingHub with no details and appears nowhere else (like QTC). That is a huge loss of income for your business.

It is costing you hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars a year in lost profits.


Widest Reach

QuiltingHub and Quilters’ Travel Companion were the first on the scene (since 1987) and the widest reach of any marketing network with under 2 million page views a month. Most quilters are using the travel mapping feature to find shops and shows as they travel, making it very convenient and easy to use.


Check This Out!

Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).

Quilting Contessa

Quilting Contessa is a collection of various authors around the world that have submitted articles for the QuiltingHub 'How To' quilt wiki.  These are authors that do not write enough to have their own authorship, yet provide valuable content for the site.  If you wish to submit an article, contact us on QuiltingHub.

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