Elected Guild Membership Chair: What do I do now?


You have been elected as the Membership Chairman for your quilt guild. So what do you do now? This article cover some of the key things to think about and do in your new position.

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Elected Guild Membership Chair: What do I do now?

That is the question on the mind of many a Membership Chairman; what do I do now? And yet, it is your job to grow and maintain the membership numbers of your guild. Well, fear not! Below we have compiled a list of ideas, tips, and tricks that have worked well for others, and they will work for you too.

Elected Guild Membership Chair: What do I do now?


Your first step is to begin by asking yourself (and your Executive Board):

  • What is our budget and how many paying members do we need to support it?
    • Are we short members in this regard? By how many?
  • What is our purpose as a guild?
    • For example, most guilds support a Community Service Project of some sort. They might make and donate quilts to the local Family Aid Center, nursing home, or hospital. Your goal is to determine if your guild needs more members to fulfill this kind of commitment.


Once you have the answers to these questions, it is time to put a plan in place to grow your membership.


Start with the easiest and fastest way, word-of-mouth. Ask your members to invite friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the street, and the people they meet in their Local Quilt Shops.


Speaking of Local Quilt Shops, stop by your favorites and ask if you can leave Guild Brochures or fliers near their registers where customers will see them, and hopefully take one home.


Does your city still have a print newspaper? Ask if they would be willing to help your guild with a feature about your group. And do not forget readily available online options such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or a website dedicated to your guild. Take advantage of these free platforms and advertise wherever and however you can.


Did you know that Quiltinghub.com can help you with that?

Quilters, quilting groups, and quilting-relatedsinesses can use Quiltinghub.com, or E online service for guilds to promote themselves, their art, community guilds, events, services, classes, and much more. It is also a wonderful resource of information. Quiltinghub.com offers how-to articles (like this one), blogs, a list of quilt shops and museums, from all over the world, and information about the assorted brands of machines, tools, services, and fabrics available to quilters. All these things, plus the Quilter’s Trip Planner (another free service to help you and your friends plan a trip around Quilt Shops, shows, and events) are invaluable to you and your guild.



Also, take advantage of Quilt Shows, Sew Days, Retreats, and Invite-a-Friend events to promote your guild, as well. Set up a table at your meetings and events where guests can sign in and sign-up. Here is a tip: have small gift bags available for first-time guests. Who would not love to find a fat quarter or a mug rug inside? Or maybe a spool of thread. (Be sure to add a brochure or flyer about the guild's purposes and projects along with meeting times and upcoming events.)


In addition, your guild should be taking part in community affairs like:

  • Holiday celebrations and Parades
  • County Fairs and the Local Farmer’s Markets
    • Sell small items like placemats and quilted Bowl Cozies. Proceeds should go toward your sponsored charity.


These great ideas have worked for other guilds to grow their membership. They will work for you too! However, to keep your guild strong and healthy, you as the Membership Director will also have to take extra steps.



Your job, as Membership Chair, will not be easy. But it will be important; it will be fun, fulfilling, and worth it. Try the ideas we have given you here and let us know how well they worked. It would also be great if you could share your own experiences, tips, and tricks in the comment section below. Working together to make our guilds the best they can be, will help us all to spread the art and culture of our shared love of quilting.


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