Quilt Show Publicizing To Do List


Quilt guild and quilt show publicizing can be a daunting task. This short article gets you started with great tips to be successful.

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Quilt Show Publicizing To Do List

Your Situation

Your are the publicity chair for your quilt guild's quilt show and a busy quilter. You were thrust into the position by the group, and you want to do a good job. Where do you publicize?

With over 1 million page views a month, QuiltingHub.com is the answer. It is free for quilt guilds to add their guild, meetings, and quilt shows.

How To Publicize A Quilt Show


Local Advertising

Every local area has a variety of papers, local radio and TV stations that list local events. There may be local websites that highlight local events. Be sure to be on every last one of them. Check with your local chamber of commerce for ideas.


Regional Advertising

Within your region, look for quilt guild networks that display all events for the region. Local for regional or statewide websites that post events for tourism.



Post your quilt show and your guild on QuiltingHub.com. QuiltingHub is free for quilt guilds and has 400,000 quilters using the site at a rate of 1 million page views a month to find quilt guilds and shows. You have total control of your content and can assign any number of people to maintain it. This is an amazing resource reaching a large number of quilters either traveling from or through your location. You will have great attendance and come out a hero.


To learn more watch the amazing tour video or read the benefits and more videos. When you are ready to proceed, add your guild with the green add or suggest a listing button, then activate your listing and add your quilt show as an event using the "add an event" button at the bottom of your guild page. If your guild already exists, get access from your guild. If you have trouble, contact us.


Tips For The Future

Make a binder with a comprehensive list of each place you posted and all the information about each place you advertised and give it to your successor.


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Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).

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