Growing Your Organization This Year


Now, more than ever, it is critical that we get and follow the tips from the experts on how to grow your organization this year. We cover the top things you must do to increase your success.

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Growing Your Organization This Year

We can all agree that with this economy and environment, it is more important than ever that we spend our time, money, and energy doing the things that will give us the best results. We put together a variety of tips that span the industry.

Growing Your Organization This Year


Your Rating is Critical

Likes and ratings matter. Follow the guide found in the blue [How To Maximize Your Results] button on your listing detail page. The higher your rating, the more you get results. Does not apply to guilds.



Marketing Advice - A Key Member Benefit

QuiltingHub offers it's members comprehensive marketing advice, including how to best use Facebook to market your organization. Contact us to setup a time for your customized call. Everyone that has done this says it is the most valuable service QuiltingHub offers. Do it today, or forward a friend to us. Also applies to guilds. Yes, that really is Paul Johnson. Ask to speak directly with him.

  • Heather Magee of Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska says "Not only has [Paul] helped get our information out to the world, which leads customers to our retail store and our online website, he has offered hours of advice in advertising, social networking, and how to market ourselves properly. The marketing knowledge he provides both inside and outside of quiltinghub.com is priceless!" (read endorsement)
Paul Johnson Owner Of QuiltingHub Network


Selling Online

Many quilt shops added online sales to their website recently. Every shop we surveyed went with Like Sew Websites. They found it very reliable but pricey. Most do not recommend you use their marketing plan, and said to use QuiltingHub instead. Did you use another online store provider? Don't know where to start? Want someone unbiased to talk to? Contact us.

When you do sell online, remember to contact us for marketing advice on your new venture. Also remember to check the "You are also an Online Quilt Shop?" checkbox on the [settings] menu item off your [admin menu] on your QuiltingHub listing detail page. This adds your shop to the online shop list for no more fees than your upgraded store listing.



Don't Spend Money On Facebook

Facebook is key to keeping your current customers engaged and adding new ones; however, it rarely makes sense to spend money on it. For a customized consultation of what to post and how to get the best results, contact us.


Marketing On A Razor Thin Budget

When you need to grow but have few funds or time to do it, you need to market wisely.

  1. Use Facebook, but do not spend money on it (see above).
  2. Claim and edit your Google Places page.
  3. Have a website. If you can not afford one, use your QuiltingHub listing detail page and the associated events instead. This is far less expensive, easier to maintain, and gives you most of what you need. Put your QuiltingHub Page address in as your website address on your Facebook and Google pages. Need help? Contact us.
  4. Printed ads are no longer cost effective in most cases. Avoid them and find other alliances locally to bring in more customers. For a custom discussion, contact us.
  5. Online ads can be effective, but the first ones that come to mind are not. Do not use Google, Yahoo, or any of the other click ads by the big providers. The cost benefit does not pay off. Instead use QuiltingHub. This is one ad over the entire QuiltingHub Network for a very low fixed monthly rate (free for guilds). Plus you get marketing advice.
  6. Get custom marketing advice. As a member of QuiltingHub, you get up to an hour of customer marketing guidance for you and your organization. We teach you what to do and why it works so you can do it yourself. If you ever need help at any time in the future, or want us to look over a marketing idea some sales person gave you, call us. Is there anyone else you can call for unbiased advice? We all know the answer to that. Take advantage of full membership today.


Leave GoDaddy For NameCheap

GoDaddy is now too expensive. We moved all of our sites in the entire QuiltingHub Network including Quilters' Travel Companion) to NameCheap. Look to them or others to save you money.



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