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Quilts are among the best-preserved and best-documented of Alabama textiles. Whole cloth quilts were very popular in the 1800’s, being used mostly for bed covers. Chintz quilts were also popular, generally starting with a central medallion surrounded by one or more borders. During the second quarter of the nineteenth century, patchwork and appliquéd quilts became popular as well. By the 1860’s, Alabama’s textile industry was well established and the South was manufacturing one-third of the nation’s yarn, as well as manufacturing fabrics.

Today, you can purchase all types of fabrics at Alabama quilt shops. Most small towns have a quilt shop, and the larger cities have three or four. Good old southern hospitality is what you will find, along with all of the quilting goodies you need. Use and share our most trusted and accurate quilt directory to find quilt shops in Alabama. You’ll find quilt shops, Alabama guilds and more!

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