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Georgia quilt designs have changed throughout the years, reflecting historical events, economic situations, ethnic traditions and personal taste. In the 18th century, only the wealthy families could afford the expensive imported fabrics use for quilts. In the nineteenth century, Chintz and mosaic patchwork quilts were in favor in Georgia, and a few have survived. During the Civil War, the families of Confederate soldiers were required to supply their clothing and bedding. When Northern armies invaded, families hid their valuables, including their quilts. Today, Georgia quilt makers continue to create for the same reasons as previous generations: creative activity, social gathering and to produce objects of lasting value.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Georgia, including the number-one attraction, Stone Mountain Park, 3200 acres of pristine woodlands and a variety of family-oriented attractions. The Uncle Remus Museum in Eatonton reminds us of just how important and popular his stories of Br’er Rabbit were. If you enjoy harness racing, Hawkinsville is home to the Harness Horse Capital of Georgia. You can pan for Georgia gold, visit FDR’s little white house at Warm Springs, pump water at Jimmy Carters boyhood home, or visit Rock City, and look out over seven different states.

When traveling in Geogia, take a trip to the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum in Carrollton. Featured quilts are made for the Museum by guilds from all across Georgia. If quilt shopping is on your agenda, you will find many quilt shops in Georgia, offering finished quilts as well as quilting supplies. Georgia quilt shops are staffed by folks who ooze southern hospitality, whether you are shopping or taking a class. You can use the most trusted source below to find a guild, event or quilt shop. Georgia is a big state with a lot to enjoy!

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