Terms and Conditions of Pages


The payment terms and conditions that apply to quilting entities pages with us.

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Terms and Conditions of Pages

I authorize QuiltingHub to automatically charge my credit/debit card entered above each month to pay my membership fee and keep my listings active. I agree to the following: I will receive a statement at least 10 days before the due date; to dispute any part of the statement, I will notify QuiltingHub at least three days before the due date; variations in usage, service, taxes and/or fees affect the amount of my monthly charges on the bill; if my credit/debit card company rejects an automatic payment, QuiltingHub may charge a return fee; rejected payments may be added to next months bill or become due immediately; rejected payments may inactivate my page(s); rates may change at the end of each rate lock period and I am automatically renewed at the new rate. Payments are made the month after service. I can cancel payments at any time by changing the visibility of my pages (from your page detail screen), which inactivates the page listing and disables automatic payments. QuiltingHub reserves the right to inactivate any page that is not in compliance with the standards set by QuiltingHub and those standards are subject to change.

That is the legal portion. The bottom line is, it is month to month. You can cancel at any time. You are not locked into anything. Your financial information is safe. Even I do not even have access to it. You have me to help you. If you feel you are not getting the right service, please contact me and I will do my best to provide you with the best satisfaction for your membership fee.


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