Love What You Do And Success Will Follow


My name is Paul Johnson. I created QuiltingHub.com. Let me share with you about the importance of loving what you do. Let me share my story.

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Love What You Do And Success Will Follow

My name is Paul Johnson. As the creator of QuiltingHub.com, I want to share with you about the importance of loving what you do as a key to success.

We will use the story of QuiltingHub's success as a guide, and end with some tips so you can be successful too.

Love What You Do And Success Will Follow


I Love What I do

I was introduced to helping the world of quilting to grow in 2009. I have always loved programming, marketing, and helping people. When I started, many told me that QuiltingHub would not be successful. So why did it become the largest, most successful quilting resources marketing organization in the world with over 400,000 quilters using the site at over 1 Million page views a month? Why do we keep breaking membership records every quarter?

Love What You Do


Why Did QuiltingHub Succeed?

I woke up every day for the last 8 years loving what I do. I had a passion, and when I say passion I mean it was at the top of my desires. I had a passion to grow QuiltingHub into the largest marketing arm for quilting in the world to help quilting businesses and groups reach the quilters who were looking for them, and to do it at a fair price for our member listings.

Yes, the fact that the magazines merged and vastly increased all the marketing costs in the industry has helped, but loving what I do is the real cause. Loving what I do motivated me to work 60 hours a week for 8 years, and my priority of helping people was a key contributor.

Yes, the fact that now those very same magazines are going out of business and out of print has had an impact. Yes, most quilters and the industry now realize that the internet is the future, and we have dominated that realm.

But, the key is finding your passion, letting your mind see every opportunity that can help you to succeed, and making use of them. Some will work, and some will not, but if you put your mind to something, you will succeed.



Forever Learning & Growing

We are not done, because I love what we do for quilters and the industry. I love sharing tips with the industry and teaching them to grow and be better. Join me, join QuiltingHub as a full member, and let's grow the whole industry. Get and share the benefits with the world. Let's do this!



Tips For You

I have written an article that teaches you how most successful people achieve success and how you can do it too. Read the 4 Keys To Success In The Quilting Industry.

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Paul Johnson
I am the author of QuiltingHub. My purpose is to expand quilting worldwide and to foster communication from every aspect of the industry toward that goal. To provide the tools everyone needs to make their lives easier.
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