Quilt Shop Marketing Excellence Award


This prestigious award goes to quilt shops that display forward-thinking marketing concepts to attract quilters of all ages. Read all about it here. QuiltingHub Ratings and Reviews.

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Quilt Shop Marketing Excellence Award

As a world marketing leader, QuiltingHub has been helping quilt shops achieve marketing excellence since 2013. Many quilt shops have been implementing our tips on what makes a quilt shop great from our many articles, newsletters to quilt shop owners, and videos. To signup for our newsletter, scroll to the bottom of the page. We wanted to award those who have put forth the effort to market themselves on QuiltingHub to the fullest extent with well deserved awards and extra publicity. These honors will be awarded as often as daily on QuiltingHub's Facebook page. 

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What It Means To The Quilter's

It means you are more likely to find a quilt shop that thinks more about your needs as a quilter and meeting those needs. We have all been to a shop where they do not seem to put any effort into getting you to want to return, and these prestigious shops are putting in that effort! Congratulate them for the award. If you really like the quilt shop, click the [Like] on their QuiltingHub page, and give them a high rating. We will be using this later to award the best shops -- the ones with the highest likes and the highest ratings based on your votes!


What It Means To The Quilt Shop

You get a boost to your visibility on QuiltingHub with the award being posted on QuiltingHub's Facebook page. QuiltingHub is the world leading and the most trusted source quilters use to find quilt shops and their events. With recognition on QuiltingHub's Facebook page, you get viewed by over 52,000 fans for a huge boost.  Plus your shop gets a boost from all the information on your QuiltingHub member shop page. (QuiltingHub gets over 1.2 million page views a month.)  Your logo, images, likes, rating, and events help tremendously to bring in more customers. Quilters are far more likely to visit your shop over any of the others in your area because you have made it clear your customers matter -- and you have the likes/ratings to show it! Quilters are smart shoppers, and they know where to visit.  You set yourself above the rest, and they can see it - instantly.


How to qualify for the award

In it's simplest form, you make sure you have a paid member page that is fully completed. In other words, become a member and follow the directions on the [Page Completion Guide] found on your page. In addition, make sure you have high likes, ratings, and at least two events in the calendar. The more you add classes, sales, shop hops, and other events, the more quilters find you. The higher your likes and ratings, the more likely they will visit you over your competitors.

  • Become a member. Learn more
  • Do the page completion guide. Learn more
  • Get Likes/Ratings.
  • Add your events. Learn more
  • Contact us that you wish to be considered for the Quilt Shop Marketing Excellence Award.
  • When you see it on QuiltingHub's Facebook page, you can show it off on your Facebook page and website.
How to get ratings:
  • First, invite your top customers to like and rate you on QuiltingHub.
  • Five days later, invite everyone else.
  • Put "Like Us On QuiltingHub" at your cash register, emails, newsletters...


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